If not MatterControl, then...?

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If not MatterControl, then...?

Post by DITAmech01 »

What's a good alternative printer control SW to MatterControl? Running a Max v2 with a Windows 7 PC.

Asking because MCv2 has lost my new Materials, print settings, etc. twice in the last week. One of those days included about seven hours of tweaking settings to try printing in PETG (ultimately unsuccessful). Thanks in advance for any assistance!
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Re: If not MatterControl, then...?

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Simplify 3d.
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Re: If not MatterControl, then...?

Post by Xenocrates »

Kisslicer (if you don't mind the interface), Prusa's slicer (whatever it's named now), Craftware if you want the support Simplify3d does and don't want to pay for it (or don't like their license policies like me), and Cura are all other options for slicers, but those don't really do USB print hosting. Repetier and Pronterface I think do USB printing, but not slicing (I think. I don't use USB printing)
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