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Azteeg X3 Pro - TOO Much of a Hassle?

Posted: Wed Dec 02, 2015 11:38 am
by RayGun
Azteeg X3 Pro - Normal DRAMA with Panucatt - "Support" :twisted:

One Year ago I bought a "Panucatt Devices" an Azteeg X3 Pro Controller, and the VIKI LCD - with 8 Sure stepper drivers SD 8825.
And for One year, it has been looking really pretty - sitting on the shelve, in the box… along with the entire arsenal for the Kraken with different spare parts...

I wanted to install it into my Rostock Max V2 - but Panucatt offers only a FRACTION of the just BASIC Tech Info - to even just INSTALL their products. And I do NOT want to roll the dice with inserting the Stepper Drivers the WRONG Way!

And Email - and phone calls - to Panucatt where simply IGNORED!

Now - lucky me - the RAMbo board blew - I did trouble shoot it with the help of JJ from SeeMeCNC.

I gathered as much info as I could, I think I can connect the VIKI LCD to the board.

The Questions I have: How to Install the stepper drivers SD 8825?
The ONLY indication is on the "Wiring Diagram"is:
The 3 holes - for "Vref", "Fault" and "Decay" are facing OUTWARDS, AWAY FROM THE CNETER of the board - and are RIGHT NEXT TO Stepper Motor Terminals.
Is this CORRECT?

There are 3 Power Terminals for "Input 30 V Max" - Connect (loop) them if you are using a Single Output Power Supply?

I know - it would be a Real Advantage.
I will be running the 3 Axes for the Delta - and 4 Extruders. For the Axes Microstepping would be good - but for the Extruders?

There is NO Switch - but some propel talk about "Jumpers" - but I do NOT see any - are they hidden?
All I see is ONE Potentiometer - but I think that is for the Max Amp Adjustment.
How do I set this up? Should I buy one of these small $ 100 Pocket Oscilloscopes on E-Bay?
Do I have to Change the Firmware?

Getting it to Run:
Use Adurino to upload the Firmware - WIPE the Board CLEAN First?
Change the X, Y AND Z Axes motor Steps?
Then Rock and Roll?

Any Help is GREATLY Appreciated - thank You Kindly,


Re: Azteeg X3 Pro - TOO Much of a Hassle?

Posted: Wed Dec 02, 2015 12:27 pm
by mhackney
Ray, I got your PMs. I'm traveling today and not near my machine. Once I'm back tomorrow we'll have no trouble getting you up and running. I'm sure the info you need is on these forums too, I posted in my build thread as have a few others. I had this working with a Kraken too.

You don't need an oscilloscope! And of course you will have to configure the firmware and flash it to the X3 Pro. I have a basic configuration.h file that you can use to start. My machine is actually a V1 Max and has different steps/mm for the X,Y,Z movements and I use geared steppers on my extruders so that's different too - but we can use your existing values to replace mine.

For now, make a copy of your EEPROM - on the windows Repetier Host there is a way to save it to file I believe. If not, just do screen shots of the entire EEPROM window/list so you have it.

Re: Azteeg X3 Pro - TOO Much of a Hassle?

Posted: Wed Dec 02, 2015 2:44 pm
by Eaglezsoar
Type into your browser's search box: X3 Pro
This will bring up all the entries for the X3 pro found on this forum, but for some of your questions you may be better off waiting for Michael.

Re: Azteeg X3 Pro - TOO Much of a Hassle?

Posted: Thu Dec 03, 2015 9:51 am
by mhackney
Ok, let's start with the stepper drivers. See this photo, the row of drive slots is at the bottom. I have heat sinks on my drivers but you can see how they are oriented in the slot.


Here's the driver removed so you can see the microscope jumpers. I am using 32 microsteps so all jumpers are installed. I run 32 MS on the extruder too.


Ok, what's next?