Artemis Initial feed on print start?

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Artemis Initial feed on print start?

Post by Culyx »

When starting up a print my artemis goes to the edge of the printing area spools a lot of filament right away making a sort of "mound" of plastic then it drops to print level and this blob usually attaches to the hot end. Where is the setting to disable this large initial "feed" of filament?

Ok, from some further reading I think this may be a "Prime tower" setting? I disabled it and resliced and it still tried to run filament on the edge of the print plate, further the settings show a prime tower of size 40mm and this the extruder just dumps filament in one spot with out moving for this point.

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Re: Artemis Initial feed on print start?

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Take a look at the "pre print" g-code in Cura. I'm not in a position to run Cura right now or I'd attach a screen shot. I bet this is where the "prime" operation is happening.

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