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Rostock MAX v2 Question

Post by mraybon »

I am new to the form and was wondering if someone can answer a few question for me.
I have had my Rostock MAX v2 for about 3 1/2 years, it been a good printer but the bed takes for ever to heat up. been reading all the post on here about upgrading the bed to 24v using a SSR, but the newest post I can find is from 2017, so was wondering is a SSR still the way to go or I see now on other 3D printers people are using Heat Bed Power Module Expansion Hot Bed MOS Tube , are they better than SSR's ? Will they work with the Max v2 ?

Also my Max v2 has firmware v91 can it and is it worth updating to v92 ?

Thanks in advance for any help, hate to buy a new printer but the only thing I ever been able to print is PLA.
I am open to any suggestion or tips

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Re: Rostock MAX v2 Question

Post by geneb »

With regard to the firmware, there's no need to upgrade unless you're planning on installing an HE280 with the built-in z-probe.

As far as I know, the SSR method is still valid for bumping up the power to the bed. I've never heard of the other thing you mention. :)

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Re: Rostock MAX v2 Question

Post by Xenocrates »

That Mosfet board is essentially a DC SSR of a specific type, but lacking the physical robustness and some safety features such as resin potting, or even an enclosed shell. It's probably not quite as good as an Auber SSR, but it's probably better than a Fauxtec is likely to be.
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