HE280 I2c and end-stop issues

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HE280 I2c and end-stop issues

Post by Ethaninfinity »

Hello, my robotics team has the original version of the rostock max v2 and we recently decided to upgrade it with the He280 nozzle and new delta arms. After completing the tutorials, there are a few major issues that I have worked on but not found a solution to:

1. When the I2C is plugged in, the printer turns on but never completes boot up
2. Neither the bed plate or hot end temperatures appear on the LCD screen
3. The stepper motors move down but not up on command
4. when the end-stop switches are plugged in, the RAMBO appears to get no power

On the hot end, the blue lights are always on, and a red one turns on when the fans are turned on. I am most confused about the end-stop issue, as I am sure those are connected exactly the same as they were before upgrading.

I was thinking it was a wiring issue, but am starting to wonder about software as well.


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Re: HE280 I2c and end-stop issues

Post by Xenocrates »

Can you take a quick picture of your electronics bay and upload a copy of the firmware you upgraded the rambo to?

just looking at the issues quickly though:
1) Not seen it before, but it may be there's an errored I2C initialization hanging the boot sequence. Can you hang a listener on the COM port to the rambo and get logs?
2) Sounds more and more like either a firmware issue, or if it gives you def, a wiring/physical layer issue
3) If your endstops are configured for NC (I believe that was the default), then having them disconnected to allow the printer to operate would make the board only issue moves in the downward direction
4) This definitely sounds like some funky wiring issue.

If your robotics team is affiliated with a college of some form, see if they have either an electrical engineering, or better, an Industrial electronics/controls program to try and cajole into helping you. The industrial controls folks will be able to find a problem, and bullet proof the wiring harness, so long as you convince them to give it a good go, or else they can show you a lot about organizing wiring for serviceability and motion

If not, after giving these options a look, I suggest getting fresh eyes on it anyways. Either a local from the forums here (if you're lucky enough to have one), a video chat with the camera aimed at the printer with someone who knows the machines, or someone else who's got some electrical/software experience, and has not been working on that specific machine.
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Re: HE280 I2c and end-stop issues

Post by geneb »

If the RAMBo appears dead when the end-stops are plugged in, they're wired incorrectly and shorting out the power supply.

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