Curing Large Parts by Changing Device Geometry

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Curing Large Parts by Changing Device Geometry

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Over the weekend, I was thinking that larger parts could be cured by changing to larger petrie dishes, substrate location (bed), and projection dimensions.

It's my guess that higher resolution (1080i/p) projectors would have to be used - which then led me to trying to figure out the differences in DLP chipsets. TI and Mitsubishi make some of the chips. Looking at IT, there's a 055 DLP, 065 DLP and something called a 1080p DLP DarkChip technology - supporting home theatre.

On a separate note, I found this little jewel that very nicely explains DLP and printing. The interesting thing that I saw was the "inkjet" parts. if Z went in reverse and there was a curing vat that supported model John?" onclick=";return false; and Software

And a decent high level on DMD for projectors. ... _58-1.html" onclick=";return false;
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