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Acer H5380BD

Posted: Mon Nov 23, 2015 3:30 pm
by Jimustanguitar ... 2_8bbb2fdb" onclick=";return false;

I'm in the market for a DLP projector for resin printing, and I've been shopping the Acer lineup... Turns out that a 720p model is an Amazon deal of the day today (11/23) and it appears that it will also be a Black Friday deal.

I don't know of anyone that's used this exact model, but it looks like it's the same plastic as the P1283 and *I think* should work about the same. Has anybody used one of these for printing yet?

Re: Acer H5380BD

Posted: Fri Dec 04, 2015 11:28 am
by Jimustanguitar
I modded this projector for my LittleRP last night. It appears that it will fit the bill and work out well. It is slightly different than the P1283 that Brent and Oly posted about a while back, and I think it's slightly easier. Of course I snapped the top back on without taking any pictures, so I'll do that tonight before I put the screws back in it for good.

Re: Acer H5380BD

Posted: Wed Dec 16, 2015 9:14 pm
by Jimustanguitar
To hack an Acer projector like the H5380 or the P1283 (same chassis), check out Brent's awesome video (" onclick=";return false;) or follow my steps here.

***First, set your projector up and determine what settings work as is and which ones need to be adjusted beyond their factory limits. Don't mod it and void your warranty if you don't need to.***

To modify your projector:

Flip the projector over and remove 6 screws that hold on the top cover.

The top is also snapped into place, so you have to pop one of the corners loose and work your way around the perimeter of the projector to unsnap the whole thing. There are something like 20 little tabs, more than I expected, so be gentle but don't worry if it sounds like it's 'unzipping' as it comes apart.

After the top cover is mechanically free, you'll find a short ribbon cable connecting the power button and IR receiver in the cover to the rest of the projector. Tilt the top cover towards the back of the projector and reach in to disconnect the ribbon from its connector. The connector has a retainer clip that will click open and swing down (towards the back of the projector) to release the cable. Be gentle, it's tiny.

After you've got the top completely removed, take a look at the projector lens. The large plastic ring around the lens adjusts the focus by threading the outermost lens in and out. The zoom adjustment works by sliding the large silver screw back and forth in its diagonal slot, which moves the zoom lens (internal) in and out.

Depending on which adjustment you need to mod, you'll be looking for a tiny black screw (focus) or a large silver one (zoom).

If you need to adjust the zoom setting beyond the factory limit, I'd advise you to remove the zoom lever from the top cover. You can turn the focus by hand, but you won't be able to reach the zoom adjustment once the projector is back together.

Another note about the zoom lens. It just slides in and out, and the only place that you can reach it is through the diagonal slot in the lens tube. If you push the zoom lens too far forward, you can push it past where you can reach to pull it back and you'll have to take apart the whole assembly. It's not hard, but you don't want to do it if you don't have to.

Anyway, that's how it works. Plug the ribbon cable back in, snap the top back one (you can leave the screws out for now) and get everything aimed, zoomed, and focused. Then when you're happy with it, pop the top back off and reinstall everything that you can. The pop on the cover, screw it down, and you should be good to go for a long time. I did a few other mods that I'll post about later (after they're tested) but for now, this ought to get you going.

Good luck!