Isopropyl Alcohol FAQ

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Isopropyl Alcohol FAQ

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Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) is our new best friend. This is the place to ask questions about this chemical.

Isopropyl alcohol is flamable and (possibly) explosive). Keep it away from heat, fire, or sparks. Any containers holding isopropyl alcohol should be kept closed or covered when not in use. Also, venting your workspace or wearing gloves is advised when working with IPA. Do not attempt to clean the DropLit's acrylic windows with IPA, it will crack the acrylic.

IPA is great for cleaning parts or getting rid of spilled resin since it dissolves liquid resin.

Disposing of IPA
This section still needs work. If you comment a good way of disposing it, let me know below and I'll put it here.

How to purchase IPA:
90% IPA can be purchased in a drugstore or pharmacy. If you want higher concentrations, you'll need to look elsewhere as they are more hazardous.
UK: It's called 'surgical spirits'
USA: It's also called 'rubbing alcohol'
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Re: Isopropyl Alcohol FAQ

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Disposing of: TBA. LOL

"Set in sun away from buildings."
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Re: Isopropyl Alcohol FAQ

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note for UK

here its just called IPA, i use it a lot for SFX work. you can either purchase through some place like ebay (all the way to 99% pure) or do like i did and go to a distributer like nottcut and order 5l for 15 quid.

note i dont have a droplit, just a little info :)

on the disposal note i havent had the opportunity to need to dispose of a lot of it, its going to vary region by region but most of the time ive just let it evaporate, but then i havent been using more than 100ml at a time.
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Re: Isopropyl Alcohol FAQ

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tin tray window box size full of glass marbles or coarse crushed glass and you can use it as a fire pit outside or in a fireplace.
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Re: Isopropyl Alcohol FAQ

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Windshadow wrote:tin tray window box size full of glass marbles or coarse crushed glass and you can use it as a fire pit outside or in a fireplace.
If all you've got is alcohol that's fine, but you definitely wouldn't want to inhale the chemistry in most UV cured resins :)
I don't know for sure what those compounds would turn into, but I'm 'as much as a scientist' as Sarah Palin.
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