Azteeg X3 and X3Pro

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Azteeg X3 and X3Pro

Post by mhackney »

The Azteeg X3 is an Arduino-based controller. The X3 Pro is its big brother and supports up to 5 extruders along with the 3 axis for motion! It is a great solution for the Kraken 4 extruder hot end.

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Re: Azteeg X3 and X3Pro

Post by macanazon »

I have upgraded my Rostock max v2 to use the Azteeg x3 pro with the viki lcd and Kraken but I don't now how to obtain the correct firmware for these upgrades. Is there any way any one can send me the files that I need for this?
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Re: Azteeg X3 and X3Pro

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