Proto-Pasta HTPLA settings

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Proto-Pasta HTPLA settings

Post by jlvter »

I have tried several times to print Proto-Pasta Silver Smoke HTPLA on my V3 and have had problems with adhesion. So far I have stayed with standard PLA settings like they recommend. I have tried with bed heat both on and off. I use the purple glue stick on bed after cleaning with alcohol. All prints have started to curl and then it's a matter of time before nozzle knocks print loose. What are other people printing this filament onto?
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Re: Proto-Pasta HTPLA settings

Post by djarmag »

I used matte black HTPLA from ProtoPasta and I had great results with a few strings but the finish is outstanding. I did use temps of 215 first layer then 210 the rest of the print, bed at 70, 25mm print speed, 4mm prime/suck at 25/50mm/s with 5mm wipe and Jump 0 Trigger 2 in Kisslicer. I heat treated the part in a toaster oven but didn't notice much change so I will test it in the real world soon.
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