Weight versus length

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Weight versus length

Post by gajtguy »

Hi guys. Been a while since I posted my normal basic topics.. Here's another one. Whats the length of material on the SeeMeCNC .5kg spool (1.75 ABS)?? When I load a model in Cura it tells me how much length is required, and I'm not sure how much the .5KG holds.

On another note, if a print is happening and the spool is about to run out, what is your process to join another spool into the mix? Or is that not possible?

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Re: Weight versus length

Post by Qdeathstar »

I have paused the print, pulled out the old filament and put the longer piece in and resumed printing, The results after a moderate amount of sanding were good. My only issue was that i was shining LEDS through it, and you could tell the difference in quality between matterhackers and hatchbox filament (matterhackers was much whiter - better).

As far as length per kg, that depends on the density of the material, and it varies even between different colors of ABS.



Density: 1.25 g/cm^3
Volume: 0.80 cm^3/g or 800 cm^3/kg
1.75 mm filament length for 1 kg spool: ~ 330 meters / ~ 1080 feet
3.00 mm filament length for 1 kg spool: ~ 110 meters / ~ 360 feet

Density: 1.04 g/cm^3
Volume: 0.96 cm^3/g or 960 cm^3/kg
1.75 mm filament length for 1 kg spool: ~ 400 meters / ~ 1310 feet
3.00 mm filament length for 1 kg spool: ~ 130 meters / ~ 430 feet

https://www.toybuilderlabs.com/blogs/news/13 ... and-length
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Re: Weight versus length

Post by nebbian »

I've used this calculator a bit to give me a reasonable idea of how to convert length to weight:

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