Worth Upgrading?

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Worth Upgrading?

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I have an old V2 that I bought back in 2014. Then I started having some issues with it and couldn't ever get solid help. The printer stayed offline for a few years and when I came back to it, still no solutions. then back to storage. finally, I got it working mostly. the issue I had was that when printing a circle, the hot end would rise in between the pillars. just minding my business one day the solution came to me, so I pulled out the old printer.

My screen turns on but doesn't seem to want to display anything. I thought twisting the knob and pushing it in used to make noise, but neither of those things seem to matter. So if nothing else, I need a new screen, right? since this is a v2 and the BOSS 300 is basically a v6, is it worth upgrading the v2? Seems silly to trash the v2 and buy 80% of the same thing in a v5/6. would there be much value in getting new motors and skates (i don't think I can get these separately)?
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Re: Worth Upgrading?

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Best bang for your buck would be a Duet3D controller and an SE300 hot end (or a hot end of your choice and a Duet Smart Effector).

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