Max v2 printer stopping mid print

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Max v2 printer stopping mid print

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I have had my Rostock Maxv2 for 6+ years. I have upgraded to an he280 hotend and ball joint arms/plastic carriages. I have the original rambo controller running repetier 0.92.2 and firmware date 20171204. I have had 2 failed prints in the past week (both on the same 24 hour print and both failed near the same point in the print approximately 18 hours in). When both prints failed it seemed like the extruder lost power or connection (no status lights). I turned the printer off and back on then it worked until failing a second time. I have since left the printer off the past few days and now when I power it on it only shows the main screen ("RostockMAXv2 - FWDATE - Repetier ..."). I cannot access any of the menus. I'm assuming this is a problem with the rambo or hotend or both. Looking for any advice and expertise as to what I can do from here? Thank you!
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Re: Max v2 printer stopping mid print

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I would check the hot end wiring. If memory serves, the firmware will hang on init if it can't talk to the accel. circuit on the HE280.

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