Updating the configuration.h file

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Updating the configuration.h file

Post by lv2311 »

We are working off of the Assembly Manual pdf, page 85. Currently, we are trying to work on homing the Z position of the extruder. It seems that no matter what we do, after entering the G28 command and lowering the head to Z 0,00, the extruder always ends up at about 20mm off of the bed. We have tried: turning the screws out (they are about as far out as we are comfortable turning them); changing the Z_Home_POS value in configuration.h; and changing the build height in Repetier-Host to a higher value. While pulling the screws out seemed to work a bit, the software and code changes don't seem to effect the position.

A few questions we have:
Has anyone worked on this specific problem that could help?
We think that possibly the issue is that when we update the confuiguration.h code, we are not correctly updating the link to that file in Repetier. How do you tell Repetier to update with the changes made in the configuration.h file?

Thanks for any help that you can give us!
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Re: Updating the configuration.h file

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I assume you are using marlin firmware?
In which case you change the values in configuration.h and download to the board, and the values should take effect.
If you are using repetier firmware it's a little different because my build has the EEPROM enabled and it overrides the values in configuration.h, you need to set the XYZ positions in up the EEPROM editor in repetier host.
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Re: Updating the configuration.h file

Post by barnett »

Second vote for making sure you:
- make your changes to Config.h in the Arduino utility
- disconnect from the printer in Repetier
- upload your changes to the Rambo by clicking the upload button on the Arduino toolbar
- then reconnect to the printer in Repetier, G28 and test the Z height again
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