First release of SeeMeEducate Curriculum

This forum is for getting started with SeeMeEducate and how to get involved in the community based education of 3D printing
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First release of SeeMeEducate Curriculum

Post by johnoly99 »

Live up to date google docs link ... zuepg/edit" onclick=";return false;

Comments/suggestions below please!
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Re: First release of SeeMeEducate Curriculum

Post by geneb »

Minor typo - it lists the infill as ".2%" and it should be "20%".

It looks like an excellent resource for schools!

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Re: First release of SeeMeEducate Curriculum

Post by jjjohnson »

I have fixed a few typos in the curriculum, and am sure to find and fix a few more.

Since I have developed everything in Google Presentations and Documents, the curriculum is a "living" work. You can access the most up-to-date version here: ... sp=sharing

This one link will always be the most current version! Want more?

Please offer suggestions on additional areas to be included in the curriculum, and I will work them in.
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Re: First release of SeeMeEducate Curriculum

Post by jmpreuss »

Awesome timing. I have a six week after school program starting this week at my daughters elementary school, staring my Orion. This is going to be very useful for me!
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Re: First release of SeeMeEducate Curriculum

Post by Right to Make »

I think this would be the perfect job. I would be interested in talking to my tech school about this as its the future and you are right, people can get passionate about holding their designs and being creative.
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