Looking for auto-leveling recommendations for my Metal Max

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Looking for auto-leveling recommendations for my Metal Max

Post by d1rron »

So I'm thinking about getting a Duet Wifi controller and MeanWell PSU upgrade for my Rostock Metal Max (v2 based). I find that I don't really need to re-calibrate, except when switching between materials which print at different temperature ranges, like PLA -> PETG or something. But it would make my day much easier if I had auto-calibration for zeroing height, and for leveling if I ever do need to.

What I was wondering is whether it'd be better to get an accelerometer or use Force Sensing Resistors. What's everyone recommend on something like this?

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Re: Looking for auto-leveling recommendations for my Metal Max

Post by Xenocrates »

I would go for the FSR system. It's more easily portable to different control boards (Duet, Rambo, Smoothie, Etc.), and seems to not have the same level of heat soak/EMI issues causing it to not work warm. Considering that the Artemis has gone to FSR's, I would say that the accelerometer probe, while a reasonable product that allowed a lot of cool design decisions and simplifications in the V3 and Eris where it was used, doesn't off much if you're not planning on a flush bed design. As the Metal-Max needs some form of bed mounting brackets from the frame already, the overhead to add FSR mounts is very low. Meanwhile, the accelerometer adds to the moving mass of the system, both with it's own weight, and the weight of the hardware to mount it.

I've also been tempted to do something kinda daft, which is feeding the cable tail of a M6x1 precision (.01 mm repeat accuracy, 1N actuation force) limit switch through an E3D heatsink when probing (Mostly to confirm bed mapping). But putting a 50$ sensor through a heatsink, and having to put the rest of the hotend back on afterwards, is annoying. I very much don't suggest that, unless you're interested in analytically comparing the various leveling methods, or have some of those suckers on hand.
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Re: Looking for auto-leveling recommendations for my Metal Max

Post by hectori »

I use this one. Z offset -0.07

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Re: Looking for auto-leveling recommendations for my Metal Max

Post by dc42 »

Another possibility is to swap out your effector and arms for the Smart Effector and magnetic arms (see https://www.duet3d.com/DuetAddons/DeltaSmartEffector) but that's probably overkill if you are happy with the existing arms, effector and hot end.

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Re: Looking for auto-leveling recommendations for my Metal Max

Post by mhackney »

There is another alternative to David's Smart Effector mount - 713Maker has a mounting ring that you attach to the Smart Effector and it works with the stock ball cup arms. I had it on my modified V3 at MRRF last weekend in the Duet booth. I don't know if the stock SMCNC hot end will work with the Smart Effector though so it might require a V6 hot end update.

That all said, I use FSRs on all of my other deltas - 7 of them at last count. They get a lot of use and I've never had an issue with them. I can't speak for the FSRs hectori posted but I can highly recommend the FSR kit that Ultibots sells. It has the harness wires, the JohnSL board (required) and everything else you need.

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Re: Looking for auto-leveling recommendations for my Metal Max

Post by ultibots »

Thanks Michael for recommending our FSR Kit. We have recently reduced the price of our kit due to better volume discounts from our suppliers.

https://www.ultibots.com/fsr-kit Was $48... now $34. Same components and quality!

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