Octoprint, any opinions on it?

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Octoprint, any opinions on it?

Post by velocilobster »

Hi there.

I have been printing for a few days now, and I want to give Octoprint a shot.

I am wondering if I can expect the same kind of quality as MatterControl in terms of adjusting print/filament/printer settings and general features before I waste the hour or two it would take for me to get everything running.

A few other questions I have:
  • From glancing at the source code and reading about it, it appears you can upload and store your gcode files. Is this accessible from some kind of library? If so, is it easy to use?
  • Has anyone run long prints on it? Is it dependable?
  • Does it perform well with a MAX v2?
  • Although it is a browser app, it is hosted on the Pi. Does the app use that much resources? It will be hosting a VNC server, and I will most likely integrate this into my smarthome, probably a handlful of various cron tasks and synchronization with a Samba server. I want to make sure that a Pi (I have a Pi 2) can handle all of this and I don't need to buy another server.
  • Programmers: Is the API easy to work with?
  • Has anyone had any luck with an Arch ARM and Octoprint? I don't care for Debian distros too much.
  • Do you need to have X.Org running to host/serve OctoPi? I highly doubt you do since this is a web app, but just wondering.
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Re: Octoprint, any opinions on it?

Post by Renha »


First of all, Octoprint is great. It's wonderful.

I am using it on Intel Edison instead of Raspberry, so you could call it OctoEd =)

You can expect the same kind of quality as Cura in all terms, because there are builtin Cura slicing engine support. I don't care for MatterControl too much. But if you are going to upload .gcode files instead of .stl ones - it doesn't matter, .gcode are sending ok.

Yes, I can upload and store my gcode files. I don't understand about library, but I have list of uploaded .gcode and .stl files, with sorting options, etc. It is very easy to use.

I had 12-hours prints maximum. They was ok, no more troubles with discharged mid-print laptop :)

It perform well with a MAX v2.

Camera streaming takes much resources, Cura slicing too, just processing .gcode files - not too much. You woulnd't want to start minecraft server there while printing, but you could for example listen music or something else. I don't know about Pi, but I had read that old Pi is slower than Edison up to 2-4 times, then I have read that new Pi is faster than old Pi 2-4 times.

I had not used API.

Arch Arm shouldn't be big thouble, it has many libraries, so Octoprint and CuraEngine installing should be just easy task. I hadn't success of building at my Jolla just because of libraries.

I don't know any WebApp that needs X.Org.
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Re: Octoprint, any opinions on it?

Post by PeteD »

I have Octoprint on a dedicated pi (model B+) on my Mendel, and it runs fine for pushing gcode and basic machine control. I don't see any noticeable lagging when the camera is on. I don't use any of the slicing features, since I prefer to use Simplify3D. I've just finished building and calibrating my Rostock Max, so I may move away from Octoprint, as it doesn't support multiple printers.
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