[TECH] Help getting a robot vacuum cleaner?

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[TECH] Help getting a robot vacuum cleaner?

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Hey everyone!

I've been hanging around the forums lately, taking a look at some of the cool things everyone's been printing. I'm not able to print things myself at this point in time but I have been enjoying seeing and sharing other creations.

My question isn't really CNC-related (hence the post in the Lounge forum) but I did think the tech nerds here could be of help anyway haha!

Long story short, I've been looking into buying a robot vacuum cleaner for a while now, but I'm very much a simpleton and don't exactly know what to look for just yet. I have done my research of course - I've looked at buyer's guides like this one, but I'd like a bit more help narrowing things down. To anyone that owns one or has used one in the past, any recommendations as to what to get or what factors to consider here?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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