The UPGRADED beast that never dies

All about the retired, first generation H-1 3D printers
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The UPGRADED beast that never dies

Post by lalalandrus »

Howdy all! I am back and have I got some good stuff to share.

First off, for those who dont know me, I was one of the original backers to the SEEMECNC H1 on IndieGOGO. My name even made it on the original print bed.

A few years have passed since the release of the H1 and a lot of good new technology has been introduce. Fundamentally, the H1 is still a viable machine and does all that a 3d printer needs to do. My printer was collecting dust until one day I decided to update it with some of the exciting new technnologies. I know many of you still have these printers lying around as they were built like a tank.

Here are a list of the issues/updates:

-bad rigidity at high Z; slow printing results

- cannot print large PLA prints as the extruder has a tendancy to jam
- both of these solved with converting it with a BOWDEN style extruder
- new mounting location for the extruder, only one printed part required
- uses parts "extruder_plate.stl" and "extruder_spacer.stl"
Pictures: - peek melts and not the best thermal brake
- upgraded to full metal hot end
- added a fan to blow on the heatsink portion of the hot end
- new x carriage to mount the hot end (printed in ABS)
- uses parts "x_carriage.stl", "right_fan_bracket.stl" and "left_fan_bracket.stl"
Pictures: - heated print bed MK2 is cheap but too large to fit
- extenders to the bent threaded rod (see image bottom left)
- these extenders work to move the threaded rod to clear the larger heated print bed
- uses parts "threaded_rod_extender.stl" and/or "threaded_rod_extender_10.stl" (longer by 10mm)

- no good bed levelling

- extenders for the a spring bed levelling like the repraps
- these extenders will mount on the plastic print plate and can be modified easily to suit whatever platform you are using
- uses parts "bed_arms.stl"
- idler bearings seizing sometimes (no picture, use your imagination)
- used some standard 608ZZ bearings
- printed a spacer for the bolt -> bearing interface
- uses parts "bearing_adapter.stl"

- y belt is hard to mount properly
- new spacer block based on an exsiting thingiverse design uploaded again for posterity
- uses parts "h1_belt_clamp.stl" and "h1_belt_clamp_cover.stl"
- no good way to mount the end stops (specifically Z, but the x and y are not much better)
- new mounting system that uses existing holes and uses this style end stop
- uses parts "endstop_mount.stl" and "endstop.stl" <- this part allows a screw to be threaded to the bottom of the X rod clamp directly over the end stop to trigger it
- optos interrupters uses "opto_sensor.stl" and mounts to the end of the Y bearing blocks.
Pictures: RESULTS: SUCESSS! First print was today...
All files are located on Thingiverse!" onclick=";return false;
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Re: The UPGRADED beast that never dies

Post by BrainSlugs83 »

Thanks for posting this! -- I was an original backer too, and the printer is indeed a tank! -- Mine has turned into a repstrap of sorts because some of the original injection molded parts are so annoying to print. -- I'm currently looking at reprinting some of the extruder / hot-end stuff, and converting my belts to GT2 / metal gears (my belts are starting to wear down a lot!).

I think if you reprint the original bearings holders, that you may want to print the covers slightly smaller, or the guts parts slightly larger, btw. -- Also it looks like some people have created PLA bushing versions, like the original Prusa Mendel -- so I might give those a try as well.
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