RMax: home handyman's dream

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RMax: home handyman's dream

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Occasionally I'm getting dragged away from my Max to do more mundane things around the house (renovations kinda went on hold when the big box of goodies turned up from SeeMeCNC!) but the printer came to the rescue this weekend.

We just bought a stack of the fat slat timber venetians to replace all the crappy old verticals in the house and, of course, none of the window bays are quite the right size so the slats all need cutting.

Shops have cutting tools for aluminium and PVC versions but not for timber - they usually say cut with sharp scissors but that won't do, everything ends up looking wonky.

Bandsaw works well and lets me cut a bunch at the same time but keeping them all lined up proved surprisingly problematic.

Anyway - the answer? A clamp/jig that holds the bundle together and lined up, ready for cutting. Also gave me a chance to print something bigger than usual at 200mm long.


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Re: RMax: home handyman's dream

Post by Eaglezsoar »

A great solution to your problem. It's amazing what I have seen being printed aside from the normal "toys".
Great job in thinking of this and making it a reality.
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Re: RMax: home handyman's dream

Post by neurascenic »

I love utilitarian (sic) stuff! Tools that build tools!

That is damn exciting!
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