Artemis possible bearing issues?

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Artemis possible bearing issues?

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I have a stock Artemis purchased in 2018 with probably less than 50 hours on it. It went into climate controlled storage shortly after purchase due to an unexpected move to a place with no room to use it. It was in storage for a bit over a year I pulled it out cleaned it greased all the ball sockets and got a beautiful 7 hour print out of it. My next print wasn't so lucky it appears about 3 hours in the slide bearings on the rear post began to fail they are what I would describe as crunchy. This causes the slide to snag failing the print. I realized when I discovered this that not only do I probably have bad slide bearings but I don't know how to properly take care of them. Do they ever need added lubricant? More importantly though what do I do now? If I recall correctly at MRRF 2018 Steve had said never to take these things off the rails cause the bearings fall out everywhere. At this point should I do that anyway and see what happens?

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Re: Artemis possible bearing issues?

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Try a little bit of 3-in-1 oil - dribble a little bit into the rail groove above the carriage and gently work the carriage up and down to work the oil in. If oiling doesn't fix the issue, I'd recommend you contact support.


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