Rostock MaxV2 startup

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Rostock MaxV2 startup

Post by Cole »

I am working with a Rostock MaxV2 printer. When the printer turns on, it says ok on the LCD for a few seconds and then says killed. If a tablet or computer is hooked up to start a print, After clicking start, both the bed and the hot end start to heat up, but then drop to a target of zero. However, if the temperatures are set manually (On the LCD with the knob on the printer) the print will still carry through if the temperatures that were manually set match the ones on the tablet. It will show killed with or without the tablet attached.
The printer recently had a new hot end, new thermistor (Temperatures still read correctly and will get to heat), new stepper motor, and a fuse needed to be replaced on the circuit board. Everything works fine except for the start up of prints, when the temperatures need to be set on the printer or they will have a target of zero.

Hopefully all of that makes sense. Any advice would be a tremendous help.

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Re: Rostock MaxV2 startup

Post by Xenocrates »

It sounds like you may have a communications issue, or a settings issue in your slicer. Could you post the G-code for a job where this happens, and try printing from an SD card?
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Re: Rostock MaxV2 startup

Post by rootboy »

Cura is doing something like that to me after I set up a new profile for my Mosaic. I no longer can set the hotend temperature inside of Cura, and I have to do it from the web interface for my Duet. Is this what's going on for you?

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