SE300 / V3.2 100% Fan shutdown ideas?

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SE300 / V3.2 100% Fan shutdown ideas?

Post by hebbster »

Looking for some ideas on why when the tool fan/fan 0 goes to 100% causes the nozzle temp to drop off until there's a heater fault and the unit shuts off. Set tool fan for 50% (or anywhere around there) and no problem.

Considered it could be a voltage problem, but Vin on the Duet control screen is at 12.5v (although drops to 12.2 when running) which seems like enough? Of course that's the voltage at the duet board, not at the SE300. Did try to make sure the connectors are seated well also, doesn't seem to change anything. Currently running tool fan at 50% (when running) and prints fine.

For the record also currently troubleshooting a 'barking extruder' problem(hah, love the term), but this problem precedes that issue by months. Also this is a Rostock V3 upgraded to V3.2 several years ago if that suggests any other ideas.
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Re: SE300 / V3.2 100% Fan shutdown ideas?

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I would check the connectors at the power supply end - there might be a loose connection at the hot end wires.

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