Rostock Max V2 Preheat Causes Software Crash

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Rostock Max V2 Preheat Causes Software Crash

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Hi, Ive had my V2 since 2015, its been a wonderful time together, but lately im having an issue i cant solve. If the bed gets a current put to it ( to preheat) the software crashes. This is not random, it happens every time. the fuses on the RAMBo are fine, the wiring is not decaying. I recently updated the firmware from SEEMECNC's repository, and have a bone stock EEPROM.

Any Ideas?

Is my board tater'd?
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Re: Rostock Max V2 Preheat Causes Software Crash

Post by geneb »

I would attach a voltmeter to the power supply and then try heating the bed. I suspect the power supply isn't capable of putting out enough power (or the heated bed or its wiring is shorted) and the power sag causes the controller to crash.

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