New 3D printer control board - RA

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New 3D printer control board - RA

Post by michaellatif »

Looks like some folks in SLC have a new 3D control board that comes with a ton of features and functionality. Might be worth looking into if you want an all-in-one board.
It is a kickstarter project that maybe worth backing, $149 for a beefy board and drivers, not bad. ... r-by-elefu
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Re: New 3D printer control board - RA

Post by kilroyo »

Yeah I was checked that out, too bad I already ordered a ramps board. But I really like the plugin for the power supply and all the screw terminals for the steppers. Not to mention the ATMega 2560 already on the board. The thing is packed full of features. The only downside I see is the size of the board. I'm not digging the little push pull pin connectors that are on the ramps board. I need to come up with something that keeps those little turkeys in place.
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