Hello from Alberta, Canada

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Hello from Alberta, Canada

Post by 2YRRAH »

I just received my Rostock Max V2. But have to leave on holidays before I can get it put together. :cry: It will be a nice treat to come back to in the new year though!

I will say I am very impressed with the packaging and details of this kit that I have seen. Even the shipping people remarked how nice it was that the shipping box came with handles!


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Re: Hello from Alberta, Canada

Post by Eaglezsoar »

Welcome to the Forum!
It's a bummer that you can't start the assembly right away but it will give you something to look forward to!
I also wanted to thank you for buying the Rostock Max V2 and if at anytime you have a question or need help
we are here for you.
Perhaps you can post some pictures as you go along.
Happy Holidays and have a great build!

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