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Hello from the Swamp

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The Okefenokee Swamp just got a technology upgrade. I live very close to one of the worlds most well known swamplands. I am the proud owner of a new Artemis 300. They team at SeeMeCNC went out of their way, above and beyond, and worked hard to get me a printer built and shipped in time to cover a job I am working on. They did not disappoint. Delivery to printing in about 60 minutes. Amazing! I had planned to spend the foreseeable future tweaking this beast, but so far, I have not had to. I am getting very good quality out of the box. The Artemis is a great addition to my or any print shop.
Thanks again to the folks at SeeMeCNC.
Tim Massey
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Artemis 300
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Re: Hello from the Swamp

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Welcome to the zoo! :)

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