Greetings from Alaska!

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Greetings from Alaska!

Post by H0bb3z »

Greetings all!

Coming to you from Eagle River, Alaska where the biggest worry is whether there will be a "moose incident" on the way to work everyday... :lol:

I should be getting my RM 3.2 kit tomorrow and will be building it soon. I look forward to all the tips and tricks I can glean from the collective experience here and of course, to printing interesting things!

I ordered PET material with the kit as it seemed like a good balance between PLA and ABS. I'm not helpless by any means, but if there are any quirks dealing with this material, I'd like to learn about them!
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Re: Greetings from Alaska!

Post by geneb »

Welcome to the zoo! There's a couple of dinosaurs that live in that neck of the woods that are pretty good printer builders. ;)

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Re: Greetings from Alaska!

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Welcome from Maine where we have "Moose incidents too"
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