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Hello from Cyprus

Posted: Fri Oct 28, 2016 9:28 am
by Zesty_Lykle
Or Yasou , as they say here.

Dutchman hailing from Cyprus, living near Limassol. Nice to live on an island, but shipping filament to me is a pain.

I have been involved in 3D printing now for only 3 years or so. Backed a printer on Kickstarter and had to wait almost 2 years to get it. When I did get it, It had to be rebuild for it to work properly. Was a good lesson and it did teach me a lot about printer design, manufacturing and the details that matter.

Enjoyed it so much that, together with a fellow Kickstarter victim Brian, we set up Zesty Technology.

I bought the printer mainly because I wanted to print molds for aluminium casting, but it seems the only thing I have been printing lately is the Benchy. Oh, and a nice Skull for Halloween. Let me see if I can get that image in here.


Yep, managed. Tricky, as I did not have the image online. So posted it in Google Groups first.

Anyway, the great Michael Hackney alerted me to this forum, so here I am. I hope I can contribute and help.
(Thank you Michael, also for the 2 extra backers already)

Lykle Schepers