Slicer profiles

For that behemoth that is the BOSSdelta 500, the grand-daddy of deltas!
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Slicer profiles

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Just took delivery of a new BOSSdelta 500. Awesome machine! Just wondering if there were any slicer profiles for it other than the default one in the quickstart guide (PLA .7 nozzle, .2 layer) Thanks.
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Re: Slicer profiles

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In STEP TWO of our guide here ... 41?lang=en
the last link in step two will download all of our factory posted slicing profiles.

In Cura, projects files end with 3MF. And slicing profiles only end with .curaprofile both which can be imported into Cura 4.6.2, and any of the .curaproject slicing profiles will be a very good starting point for the BOSSdelta 500.

Here's the link to SeeMeCNC GitHub shared slicing profiles ... Cura%204-6

And the link to just immediately download all slicing information ...
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