Another SeemeCNC Probe Connector Failure

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Another SeemeCNC Probe Connector Failure

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I need to find a more robust connector for my hotend (v6 with Accel board and 713Maker mount). The accelerator probe connector, even upgraded with the white locking connector from Digi-key is not going to work. I just had another 15.5h print fail at the last 15 minutes due to the connector coming off. Not only did I install both the locking connector on the whip but also its mate on the board in the event there was some small difference. In short the connectors form factor is just to small to handle the vibrations and movement of the whip. Does anyone have any suggestions of a true locking connect that could be used, wired to the board is ok, I just want an actual lock.

Any advice would be helpful.

FYI, I really appreciated Simplify 3ds ability to pick up at a specific layer hight, the print shifted a little during cool down (its ABS) but I can make it work.
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Re: Another SeemeCNC Probe Connector Failure

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Can you post a pic of the hot end assembly, showing the bowden tube coming out of the whip?

I ask because I've got hundreds of hours on three different he280 equipped machines and I've never had a disconnect. If the bowden exit is too high, it may be a contributing factor to your problem.

Also, if you've got a properly engaged locking connector coming loose, you're applying WAY too much stress to the connector system - stress that's not present normally.

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