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Re: Dampers!

Post by jdurand »

I ran a test run on the printer last night, loaded in a big model and let it run without filament since I'm not done calibrating. I figure this will work things in before I finish tweaking it.

Anyway, thumbs up on the dampers. There was only a faint high-pitched whine from the motors, most of the noise was the power supply fan and a low-pitched growling from the steppers. Let it run for about 10 hours, NOW it should be worn in so I can finish the calibration.
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Re: Dampers!

Post by ZenOhSix »

Does Astro still sell these? He hasn't been on the forum since April?

Anyone else know where to get them? I am starting a build soon, and want to get them before I do.

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Re: Dampers!

Post by McSlappy »

Astro still sells them - I bought some 2 weeks ago.
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Re: Dampers!

Post by blackrabt »

Has anyone tried the Trick Lasers insulators to compare to the Astro dampers?
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Re: Dampers!

Post by Windshadow »

I built my printer with the Trick Laser Cork isolators and I am happy with the result.... if you use them don't compress the cork washers by more than a third when you tighten them
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Re: Dampers!

Post by Penged »

Just curious if anyone installed a damper on the extruder motor.
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Re: Dampers!

Post by Eaglezsoar »

ZenOhSix wrote:Does Astro still sell these? He hasn't been on the forum since April?

Anyone else know where to get them? I am starting a build soon, and want to get them before I do.

You can find them on ebay. Just search for Nema 17 dampers.
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Re: Dampers!

Post by jevs »

I am surprised no one has said anything about the pressure from the belt cocking the motor and pulley.

My printer has some version of these and I notice today that in tension, they actually cause the motor to sit crooked. I am chasing a shifted layers issue and happened to notice this. one axis is much worse that the others. I am removing these so the pulley sits straight with the belt. These might be okay, but I would at least get some where the plate has 4 mounting holes. This way it is only going to cock as much as the rubber compresses. It is still going to cock though. There is no way around it if you think about it. When the belt is in tension, it is going to pull the rubber down on one side. If the rubber compresses at all, then its cocked.

I bought this printer used, so i did not put these in and I am not sure where they came from. So far, all the repairs I have had to do to my printer have involved undoing the previous owners "improvements".

I hope it is not too much louder, but I need it to be reliable. There is no doubt this is causing more wear on the belts. I am not sure if it is the cause of my skipped layers, but it is definitely putting things out of alignment (at least the version I have).

If there is a way to dampen the motors without allowing it to compress to one side, then that would be a better option.
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