Rostock max v2 - Australia Brisbane - 100 AUD.

Do you print/build/make/create 'stuff' for modifying SeeMeCNC machines? Post them here if you do so others can see and inquire about getting them!
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Rostock max v2 - Australia Brisbane - 100 AUD.

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I've assembled this printer, its never been something that I've been happy with, I'm basically selling it as-is .. you may want to use it for spares or if you feel you can fix it.

Known problems:

- The first layer never seems to print nicely, borax glass seems warped in interdimensional ways.
- intermittent reboot when setting bed temperature (only some days)
- ability to drive someone figuring out what is wrong to insanity.

Pick up only, I'm not going to do auspost/shipping to get scammed. Probably just going to remove the motors and spare parts and toss the rest in a month if I can't find a buyer by march 1 - 2018.

Email my username @ gmail for details. I will update this forum when it is sold or decommissioned.
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