Blender-enabled modeling and s/w path options?
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Blender-enabled modeling and s/w path options?

Postby eekflyer » Thu Nov 01, 2012 9:24 pm

I'm posting to ask what people are using when starting with a 2D CAD (dxf or dwg) file format, extruding, slicing, and finally printing. Getting the part sizes correct is key for my projects.

Here is a path I've found to have promise.

1. Dassault Draftsight - DXF, beginning part file
2. Blender - dxf import, extrude face fill, beatify fill, tris to quads, switch to object mode and select all, export to STL
3. Netfab - clean STL and scale as needed
4. KISSlicer for slicing and GCODE output
5. Pronterface for printing and machine control

Anyone have better extruding ideas when starting with CAD files?

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