Free Leapfrog CreatrHS - What should I do with it?

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Free Leapfrog CreatrHS - What should I do with it?

Post by JFettig » Tue Aug 06, 2019 2:00 pm

A customer of mine had a Leapfrog CreatrHS sitting in his office for over a year, didn't get used, I asked about it and he said he could never get it to print right.... then it followed me home.


What a goofy machine! It has 3 rolled ballscrews for Z axis, and no linear guides of any sorts - it uses the ballscrews AS the guides.


Does anyone have any experience with these machines? I'm trying to decide whether I try to figure out what's up with it or retrofit it with a new controller(and better Z axis!)

The extruders look kind of crappy, do they work ok?

Does anyone know what the specs are on the extruder heaters and bed heater? Volts, Watts, etc? I have yet to find time to turn it on or dig in.


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Re: Free Leapfrog CreatrHS - What should I do with it?

Post by geneb » Wed Aug 07, 2019 8:37 am

My, that is a funky little box, innit? :)

The Z-Axis should be ok, even though it's kind of weird.

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