Dual Extrusion PLA-PVA with S3D?

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Dual Extrusion PLA-PVA with S3D?

Post by BigDaddyEureka » Thu Jul 04, 2019 1:05 pm

Hi all! New to the forum but not to the 3D printing world...our small company does 3D printing for short run parts, custom jobs, etc. For our other printers we use Simplify3D to generate our gcode from STL files. Several jobs need a combination of PLA materials with PVA supports, and S3D does a great job of letting us control exactly where those supports go and how they are oriented.

I saw viewtopic.php?f=115&t=12639 on dual extrusion with the Artemis, and was wondering if anyone had a a *.factory or *.fff file for S3D that they would be willing to share? I'm used to the workflow in S3D where you have two processes: one for the supports and one for the main material. In that case, Process 1 uses Tool zero (left extruder) and Process 2 uses Tool one (right extruder). We then load the left extruder with PLA and the right extruder with PVA. Most of the time we add a priming pillar or an ooze shield (if the part is not too big).

Here on the Artemis, there's only one nozzle but two extruder drives. How does that workflow go in S3D for this machine? Thanks for nay help you can provide!

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