My Version of an Artemis Whip Strain Relief

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My Version of an Artemis Whip Strain Relief

Post by Bones056 » Thu Aug 30, 2018 11:48 am

Hello All Artemis SE300 Ver. 1.1 with FSR's Owners

Not really wanting to screw around with the whip to do the fix that is suggested at this link:


I figured I would try a few different things on my own to keep the Red & Black wires from pulling out of it's connector every week or so. This was becoming an issue for me lately as I've been doing some long prints (24 to 48 hours). After a few trials and errors. I came up with this model. It lets me keep the whip as I got it and as added benefit, as hard as this might sound... makes the printer ever more quitter! With my machine.. on long arm moves I was getting a pillow chatter that not even the oil suggested by SEEMECNC was helping. I'm thinking now that it wasn't a pillow chatter after all! See link for oil:


So if you decide to "try this model at your own risk" you will need to take a 13/64 drill to clean out the holes on the bottom so that the printed part will sit flush on the top of the circuit board. Again this is for early Artemis's SE300 Ver. 1.1 that have FSR's for calibration. When installing the cable tie. You do not need to crank on it. Use just enough pressure like in the pictures. To much pressure might warp the board. I have been using this for the last month and have not touched those power cables since I installed this part. So with that I'm letting it loose.. Have fun....

I printed this using the PLA Fine Cura Profile with No Supports.

The Model for Ver. 1.1 SE300 Hot End with FSR's
(106.23 KiB) Downloaded 4 times
Part Installed and gives a view of cable tie

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Re: My Version of an Artemis Whip Strain Relief

Post by geneb » Fri Aug 31, 2018 8:38 am

Nice work!

Delta Power!
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