Artemis Linear Rail Mainentance

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Artemis Linear Rail Mainentance

Postby PartDaddy » Sat Aug 11, 2018 9:23 pm

Ok, we've tested a huge number of lubricants on the Artemis linear rails and this is turning out to be the best. Only started using it today, but right after applying several drops, this oil is performing noticeably better than other lubricants.

Wipe rails, apply several drops above carriage on both sides of the rail in the groove where the balls roll. Manually work carriage up and down.

Wiping Artemis linear rail groves and applying a few drops of this oil should be a 4 to 8 week maintenance chore. Use judgement based on humidity in the environment you're using your machine.

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Re: Artemis Linear Rail Mainentance

Postby RegB » Mon Sep 24, 2018 6:53 am

I had used a "donated" make-up eyebrow brush to put a little grease into the slots where the balls ride.
Given the diameter of the balls they will pick up a decent film and distribute it to the rest of the rails if you (for example) just run the bed leveling program.

I doubt that I can ever get that grease out now, without tearing everything apart.
So although the 3-in-1 with ptfe may be "better" at this stage the delta improvement may not be worth it (for me).

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Re: Artemis Linear Rail Mainentance

Postby RegB » Wed Dec 05, 2018 9:19 am

The test print in this thread;
Showed up my need for a little rail maintenance.

I greased the "faces" of the rails, as well as the slots that the balls ride in, I ran the head up and down a few times to spread it around.
I had not previously lubed the rail faces, not absolutely sure that I needed to, but I mention it as a possible factor.

I STRONGLY RECOMMEND this test print to everyone as a regular maintenance check, it showed up a friction condition that was causing a mechanical stutter/chatter.
Nothing I could hear, but something that showed up on this print and lubrication was the ONLY change I made between the fault being there and being gone.

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