What is in your tool chest?

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What is in your tool chest?

Postby wepollock » Sat Mar 24, 2018 1:44 pm

The crimping tools I am using have allot to be desired. I was looking at Molex tools and no thank you, I am not buying a multi hundred dollar crimping tool. I just purchased an "Engineer PA-09"; what are you using..

PS I am interested in the "best of" tools others are using.

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Re: What is in your tool chest?

Postby Xenocrates » Tue Mar 27, 2018 10:30 am

I use Tri-crimps from Powerwerx for most different crimp connectors, since they are comfortable and reasonably cheap (And most of the other tools aren't meant to crimp power poles, so I'll take it and the interchangeable anvils). For the .1" pitch connectors, I use the cheap ones from Hansen Hobbies, and I've not had too bad of luck with it, having crimped enough to assemble two+ printers (Original connectors, then adapters from those to Duet, so nearly enough for 3).

As for a best of, I'm very fond of the Wera maintence screwdriver sets. For around 65$, you get insulated screwdrivers with nice handles, making it slightly less likely for you to do something like short the heater voltage while tightening the terminals if you're crazy or forgetful and are playing around in the electronics bay live.
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