For Sale: Upgraded RM v2 and E3D v6 w/ 713Maker Mount & Effector

Do you print/build/make/create 'stuff' for modifying SeeMeCNC machines? Post them here if you do so others can see and inquire about getting them!
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For Sale: Upgraded RM v2 and E3D v6 w/ 713Maker Mount & Effector

Postby Humanzee » Wed Feb 21, 2018 2:17 pm

I have a Rostock Max v2 that has been upgraded with the HE280, dual EZR Struders, and the bowden splitter. I never got around to getting dual extrusion working, but last I was printing with it, it was printing and calibrating well. My time is just spoken for elsewhere for the foreseeable future. I'm not sure how many hours are on it because the eeprom has been cleared several times. I've been printing with it as a hobbyist off and on for maybe two years. Comes with a couple of rolls of filament. Pictures and details here on this eBay auction, starting at $0.99, buy it now at $400:

I also have a genuine (not eBay knockoff) E3D v6 with 713Maker's aluminum and carbon fiber mount and effector platform and accelerometer board. It calibrated and printed just great, but I switched back to the HE280 in order to have a less-custom setup for trying to get dual extrusion going (which I never got around to). It can't have many more than 20 hours of printing on it. $100 or best offer on eBay also:

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