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Re: Rostock MAX purchase poll

Post by Windshadow » Sun May 01, 2016 9:51 pm

I picked Community and if I could have had a +1 it would have been" I want to build a kit"...

I hung out as a lurker here for well over a year before last fall pulling the pin on the SeeMeCNC black Friday deal but during that year I was was also lurking on 7 other forums for other printers from low end RepRap here is build list go and find what you need for your self to sites like this one where not only the creators put in an occasional appearance (Hi JJ) but the support from actual users who stayed after they got their printer to providing them what they wanted /needed( HI MHackney , Polgonhell,l Xeno.. Nitewatchman.., Eaglesoar, etc, etc(I apologize for not listing everyone but you know who you are) so i picked Community as my option on this poll (only 10 of us interesting)

but in Fact the bulk of the credit all goes to Geneℬ and his fantastic manual (now manuals) and his continuing effort to keep it up to date and to make it the best build manual for a complex electronics and mechanics kit project to meet and exceed the glory days of the very best that Heathkit ever produced.

Thanks to everyone at SeeMeCNC and the stalwarts of this forum but extra special thanks to Geneℬ

and a special call out to the gang that developed the PEEK fan shroud STL file packaged with the Matercontrol download it is a brilliant piece of work as a somewhat complex shape for a 3dprinter virgin to have as a first effort and the huge rush of getting that print off of the build plate carried me over the humps of further calibration angst and a month of hard work getting my printer dialed in. with out that ego boosting PEEK shroud print to look at I wonder if I might have become one of those folks we see putting their newly assembled printer up for sale...
that print is sheer genius for keeping those of us new to the art at it, with their nose to the spool of filament.

Thank you

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