Revisiting the Eris

The ERIS Delta, a truly affordable entry into Delta 3D Printing
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Revisiting the Eris

Post by themitch22 » Wed Oct 05, 2016 7:05 pm

I haven't used the Eris much at all since since the spring when I got it. I have had issues with Z-height and the auto-level using Simplify 3D, and under extruding while printing under 220C. When I can get it to print it works well though.

I kind of want to mod it now to make it at least more reliable and effective. At this point, I'm not sure what else to do with the HE280.

*Making sure the PTFE tube not shrunk or binding in the tube, I think there might be too much friction that the only way I can print is at high temps.

*The effector is too small for me to add a BLTouch, but I think adding adjustable clamps for the build plate so that I can do small adjustments to the level of the bed when the auto-calibration isn't accurate.

*I think the first mod should be adding a high-flow 120mm PC fan to the two back sides for part cooling since the effector cooling isn't doing much.

*I have also been trying to find a heated bed that would work. I am looking at rigidly mounting the glass plate using the screws for the existing tabs so it's lifted from the recess. I found this Silicon heater pad that would probably work, I think an extra 15 watts if that's true current draw, should work with the existing PSU or I'd get a higher current 12v PSU.

*I think a PEI build plate would also be a major upgrade instead of using a ton of glue stick and hairspray. The Ultralex is fine but until I can fix the Z-height issue, I'd just destroy it again.

One thing I noticed as well is Simplify 3D has a Z-max for the machine, if you put in something like 150mm, I don't think it actually does anything when probing for the z-height, I have to have my first layer be like 250-300% so it doesn't jam up the nozzle being too close.

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Re: Revisiting the Eris

Post by 626Pilot » Sat Nov 19, 2016 5:40 pm

I did Jetguy's motor replacement mod: viewtopic.php?p=99051#p99051

It seems to calibrate properly now, and I don't have to use insanely tall first layer heights anymore.

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