How to set up two Z axis limit switches in Droplit?

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How to set up two Z axis limit switches in Droplit?

Post by Andradez » Thu Jul 30, 2015 3:42 pm

Hello All, I assembled a Droplit machine some months ago and i recently got another resin (3DInk Orange) to test with the Droplit.

I was able to print a small toy figure that ended up like the pictures on the link below:

The problem is that i need to have 2 limit switches/end stops because the platform already broke 2 glass plates for going below the VAT/glass
plate level causing a unbelievable mess.
Sometimes, when i use Creation Workshop and try to move the Z-axis up, it goes down instead and does not stop so it keeps going down until it brakes the VAT/glass
and the carriage reaches the bottom and it cannot go further. Out of panic i turned the machine off but after inspection there was some dents left in the melamine from the force
of the motor/platform hitting the bottom where the carriage stopped.

So, you can see this kind of problem is very prejudicial.

My problem is:
I have the upper limit switch installed and working but i cannot figure out which pins to use to install a lower limit switch in
the GSHIELD V5 board.
I have two wires for the upper limit soldered at positions : GND and D11 in GSHIELD V5.
Should i connect the lower limit switch wires in the same positions as the upper limit ones?

I appreciate help from anyone who has experience with this kind of problem.

Thank you


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