Rescan the SD card at start-up

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Rescan the SD card at start-up

Post by seemetoo » Wed Feb 21, 2018 3:23 pm

Hi All,

New here and am just installing an MKS SBASE board. Using the latest Smoothieware from github and I am stumbling around in the dark.

I am very conversant with Marlin, Repetie Firmware etc all, but this stuff is a quantum leap sideways.

Is it possible to rescan the config file at start up after making some changes?

Currently I bed level etc and then want change stuff so I check for an M or G code that will do it, but if not one for it, then I have to change the config again. This means I have to delete the config-override file as it seems to take precedence on changes. I then have to go through the leveling etc all again even if the changes had nothing to do with leveling.

Is this as good as the state of the art is? I had read glowing reports about smoothieware, but gotta say that once getting into the guts of it, it ain't pretty.


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