AZSMZ Mini, LCD, and Stepper Woes...

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AZSMZ Mini, LCD, and Stepper Woes...

Post by caall99 » Tue Mar 15, 2016 2:24 pm

Pulled from another thread for more exposure. I nearly have 626Pilot's fork of Smoothieware working for my ex-Micromake Kossel Mini. Here are my remaining issues:

1. About 10 seconds into a print, my LCD screen (viki2 compatible - shipped with AZSMZ Mini) goes completely blank. I need to do a complete power cycle on the board to restore any graphics on the screen. A simple reset won't do...

2. My extruder stepper motor is acting very "jerky" or "jittery". Its movement is not smooth, and my prints appear very under extruded. they look a lot like this: ... 1Ah4bz.jpg. I worry that the 1/32 microstepping on the DRV8825s is the potential culprit. Any idea how I may change microstepping on only one motor on my AZSMZ Mini? Is there code I can put into my config to change microstepping for individual motors? As far as I can tell the DRV8825 needs pins M0, M1, M2 drawn high or low to engage a specific microstepping mode. See here, looks like all the M pins are hard-wired to be drawn high, which based on this indicates 1/32 microstepping. Guess I might have to do some rewiring for the extruder. What else could be the problem here?

FYI, all 4 of my stepper drivers have VREF set to 0.5V which should correspond to 1A to the steppers.

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Re: AZSMZ Mini, LCD, and Stepper Woes...

Post by WZ9V » Sun Mar 20, 2016 4:57 pm

That board is hardwired to 1/32 with 8825s and 1/16 with A4988 drivers.

The original Smoothie board uses A4982 which is the same family as the 4988 so you might try some of them before attempting to modify the board.

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