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Abysmal QC on Makergeeks

Posted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 4:33 pm
by wepollock
(FYI I did get a refund rather promptly from this vendor)

Just had an issue and concern with Makergeeks Maker Series PLA.. (this is the second problem I have had with this brand) I am very careful to make sure that when I load filament it stays properly tensioned. Usually I don't switch out filaments; I print from start to finish/ So NO.. this is not operator error on my part. What you are seeing in the pictures is from the vendor.

The filament was not wound onto the spool correctly; more than that there were sharp bends (crimps) in the filament that would easily jam up a bowden tube. The filament was not distributed on the spool evenly and it even had open-loops that were visible.

This concern only became visible in the middle of a print job.


I am using many filament brands with better quality control...

Also Ziro PLA is fine, better wound and it comes in a good range of colors.