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Ziro brand ABS filament - Not recommended

Posted: Sun Nov 12, 2017 6:40 am
by rootboy
Hi guys,

Just a heads up, and review of Ziro brand ABS filament.

I've been printing with "Ziro" brand ABS filament for about a quarter of a 1KG spool and I am not impressed.

The bed adhesion is terrible, and so is the curling. I've included a pic of what always happens without a raft (Ziro bad print.png). With a raft, and using Elmer's Disappearing Glue, I get really bad curling on flat prints (such as an Arduino case).

I used hairspray in this print (Aquanet Extra Super Hold), but the results are almost the same as with glue. Better adhesion with the hair spray, the curling has gotten better, but the "waves" and "gooping" are still bad...

And I see that it has just failed another print. You can see where it is beginning to really mess up ("gooping") inside the circle (Ziro bad print2.png).

Temps are:

Bed: 110C, hotend: 220C

Re: Ziro brand ABS filament - Not recommended

Posted: Wed Nov 15, 2017 2:14 am
by Glacian22
Wow that's gross :/

Re: Ziro brand ABS filament - Not recommended

Posted: Wed Nov 15, 2017 10:37 am
by DeltaCon
rootboy wrote:Temps are: Bed: 110C, hotend: 220C

I am not familiar with this brand at all, but I think sticking with this temp and expecting the same results as any other brand is not the way to go. You will need to explore more combinations of temperatures. Your spool could suddenly become a highly recommended one. Try 90 for bed and 230 for HE for example. Do you use calibrated bed and HE temps?
The curling in the lower picture looks like too much high distance to the bed. And the distance between the perimeters and infill does not look like a temperature problem to me. I am guessing more factors have changed then just the filament.

Re: Ziro brand ABS filament - Not recommended

Posted: Wed Nov 15, 2017 9:03 pm
by rootboy
The height was off, so I fixed that. Which helped out with curing the waving problem. The puddling (gooping) was still bad, as was trying to print out anything without a raft. Impossible, actually.

And yes, I tried out different temperature combinations without any success.

I also tried out different extrusion multipliers.

I tried out printing at .05mm layers, which caused the part to fold up on one side. So I went the other way, and increased the layer height to 2mm.

Success! Or at least one successful print anyway. We'll see if the print that I started this morning came out okay when I get home.

The next hurdle is to get it to print without a raft. That probably won't be possible.


The second print came out acceptable, but the difference between .1mm and .2mm is very noticeable. For grins, I tried the exact same print without support, but with the raft. Fail! :) It really doesn't handle printing out on a small surface, the plastic doesn't get enough time to set before the next layer is being printed. And yes, this is without a (working) fan. I haven't troubleshot it, but I think that the output for it on my board is fried. This is the second one that I installed, and it will "blip" on for a second and then nothing. Something to work on this weekend I suppose...

I'm printing her yet again but this time scaled up 1.5x (with the raft and support). BTW, it's a Minnie Mouse head for one of the ladies at our local Walmart.