Cura Slicere not working on 1.75

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Cura Slicere not working on 1.75

Post by boarddesigner » Tue Sep 12, 2017 2:56 pm

I am trying to use the Cura slice engine on Mattercontrol 1.7.5. (for some prints it works better than matterslice I have discovered)
Cura worked perfectly on 1.6x release. However 1.7.5 is no Bueno.

Mattercontrol 1.7.5
RostockMax V2

1. Print will initiate as expected, hot end will begin to lower to bed.
2. about 10mm up from heated bed hot end halts and returns to home.
3. Matter control states print is done.

Trouble shoot:
4. Print works as expected using matterslice. This eliminates a hardware issue I would think.
5. Slic3r will start but the extrusion appears to be extremely reduced.

I have seen some other complaints with the new release on the web, but none appear to have the issue stated above.

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