RM V2, clearing EEPROM often?

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RM V2, clearing EEPROM often?

Post by dajay23D » Wed Jan 30, 2019 1:50 pm


Been awhile but i gotta say, i've been printing since 2015! V2 is a beast! Now that I got 4 years under my belt, things have been pretty smooth. The only thing that's kind of mind boggling is sometimes the printer does weird things and I can't figure out what it is. But, it solves it when I do the eeprom_clear. Everything goes back to normal for awhile.
For example, the printer suddenly would start printing higher than normal. Even after multiple attempts of adjusting Z-height and calibrating the end stops. I had to adjust the z-height by lowering it in the slicer(KISS) to accommodate. After eeprom_clear, problem went away and z-height fixed with normal calibration. Then, last week, it wouldn't print brim height suddenly. It would print everything else, BUT that. Also, it would kind of die at the end of the print. It looks like nozzle clog or it suddenly smashed into the print. The annoying thing was, it would ruin the print because of that. :evil:

It looks like i'll have to clear out eeprom, yet again. How often do you guys doing it? Maybe my printer is dying.....signs of cancer....

Thanks in advance

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