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Bed enlargement

Post by wheemzy » Fri Jul 27, 2018 7:45 pm

Been thinking of combining 2 or maybe 4 square borosilicate 300 x 300 glass plates to make a larger max v2.

Any foreseeable problems aside from the mechanical changes of expanding the frame?

I’m guessing I would just have to increase the bed size in the slicer and probably the firmware?

Would this mod require a lot of changes/recalculations in the firmware?


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Re: Bed enlargement

Post by Xenocrates » Fri Jul 27, 2018 11:20 pm

This would take a lot of changes, actually. Longer arms, higher resolution steppers (to reduce the effects of the increased movement magnitude from the longer arms), more torque to hold the arms up, much longer towers (Each mm you increase the arm length by reduces the height of the top of the dome by something like sqrt(2) mm, and the sides by a mm) per unit build height, increased resolution delta (As you get further from the center, a delta printer has lower available precision, due to the kinematics. Big differences from the center means a bigger potential for change in resolution, meaning that unless you address it elsewhere, you're going to end up with lower precision across your build area if you want consistent results)

This would also take a rather large amount of power for the bed

My suggestion, considering you'd need to replace almost everything but the control boards, is that if you want something large scale like that, you build an H-bot or CoreXY style machine. Try something like the Railcore (they have a forum on here under the other machines entry). It will likely save you a lot of headaches.
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